On 6/25/16 - at Bar Matchless I presented a check to The Spirit of Harmony Foundation board members Kevin Ellman and John Siegler (Todd Rundgren's Utopia) courtesy of The Odd Fellows Lodge of Mineola #125. Bernard Heller of Borough Park Lodge #409 was in  attendance. The music was great and all who attended had a great time! Learn more about the charity here: http://spiritofharmony.org/

The Modulators (6/25/16)

The Modulators (6/25/16)

Ray Paul (6/25/16)

Zombies of The Stratosphere (6/25/16)

Special Guests of Friday Night: Sal Meida (MIlk and Cookies) and Dennis Diken (The Smithereens)

Dave Rave and Haliee Rose (6/24/16)